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The Modern Way

The modern way: for civilised humans

Fed up of being a barbaric dinosaur? Well don’t worry, the transition is simple and pain free, you have already began your transition by finding this site in the first place.

Using the internet you can now research to your heart’s content, this means you can gain a pretty comprehensive idea of which car is best suited to you without even leaving the house. Once you have a rough idea of the car you want, you can now locate a used car in your local area with minimal effort using sites such as Autotrader and BuyYourCar who do all the hard work for you with their car locator system.


AutoTrader’s search/locator

BuyYourCar’s Car Search/Locator

Both locators are easy to use and they are not the only ones! Once you have entered your postcode you can choose how far you are willing to travel to find your dream car in the ‘distance’ boxes.

So just fill out the search boxes accordingly and you the site should generate hundreds of results in less than a second!


The Old Way

If you were to do a google search of ‘birmingham car dealership’ you will get around 4000 results; that is a whole lot of car dealerships! If you have access to Bernards watch you may well be in with a shot of searching through all of these dealerships providing you don’t die from boredom before you find the car of your dreams. If you were to visit just the first 4 dealership results you would be looking at 40 minutes of driving alone, including a half an hour browse at each dealership and you up to 2 hours already, and that’s without taking into consideration your journey to and from home.

                    All the pink dots represent car dealers in the Birmingham area


That map has more pink spots than an inverted Mr Blobby with acne, luckily for you, you no longer have to visit these pink dots, not physically anyway, and you can view just as much stock from your chair in the comfort of your own home – whether you are interested in Kia Sedona cars or Fiats, or any other manufacturer.


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